What is domination? It can mean so many things to so many people. I have several different domme styles that fit uniquely with different subs.

Here are some of my favorite tools of domination

  • Tease and denial
  • Humiliation¬†
  • Forced feminization
  • Pegging
  • Spanking
  • Edging
  • Chastity

I do long distance as well as in-person domination. Some mediums I use are Skype and Kik. 

I am in search of a long-term devoted sub. The cost can either be a weekly or monthly tribute. Please contact me for more details.

Some logistics: I often get messages from subs who want to know more about what worshipping, long-term devotion to me, etc might look like. The fact of the matter is that every single sub is unique, and thusly my methods of domination may vary. Listed above are some of my tools. I am open to exploring new ones as well. I like to have conversations with my subs BEFORE scenes, or before they pledge their devotion to me. A domme's loyalty should not be given freely and without thought and consideration. I will not consider subs who have not carefully talked through what the dynamics of our relationship will look like. A domme's power, respect, and loyalty is earned, therefore it is important to me that I know how each sub is best kept under my power. Some subs will be most loyal when pledging chastity with teasing and regular milkings. Some subs respond best to punishment, pain, or humiliation. Please consider that this is not an agreement to enter into lightly. This is why I require a meet and greet, a skype date, or a phone call to answer any mutual questions we may have. I offer this at a discounted rate for potential long-term subs.